USA Lacrosse – Box Lacrosse Training

8 Nov

The indoor game is growing rapidly. USA Lacrosse has these items focused on it.

The general lineup of sessions is as follows: 

● Week 1 (Nov. 4) — High-Level Box Lacrosse Game & Officiating Overview
Discussion points to include game rules, players, equipment, floor markings, substitution areas, timing, face offs, and the role of the official.
— Week 1 registration link

● Week 2 (Nov. 11) — Rulebook Deep Dive & Important Penalty Infractions, Part 1
Discussion points to include penalty administration, safety checks, off-field officials, communication, big fouls and the qualifications for 2-min vs. 5-min vs. match penalty.
Week 2 registration link

● Week 3 (Nov. 18) — Infractions and Situations, Part 2
Discussion will include determining legal vs. illegal contact in box lacrosse.  Topics to include body checking, player picks, checking from behind, boarding, and more.
Week 3 registration link

● Week 4 (Dec. 2) — Infractions and Situations, Part 3
Discussion to include cross checking, slashing, and commonly misunderstood penalty situations that may result in a penalty shot.
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● Week 5 (Dec. 9) — Infractions and Situations, Part 4
Discussion will focus on officiating one of the most critical areas of the game, the crease.
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● Week 6 (Dec. 16) – General Series Recap and Wrap Up
This session will be a series wrap-up that goes over some of the key differences between the field game and box lacrosse, as well as some of the most discussed content during the six-week series.
Week 6 registration link

A separate registration is required for each weekly session. All sessions are presented free of charge.