Quiz: Equipment Check and 3-man Mechanics

9 Mar

Here’s the slide deck, complete with video links, from our March 8 meeting. https://gploa.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Quiz-2.pdf During an equipment inspection, the following conditions are discovered: a) A2’s crosse measures 38 inches long, b) A1’s crosse pocket does not meet depth requirements,c)A4’s shaft … Read More »

PIAA Preseason Bulletins – NFHS Corrections

3 Mar

Each year, PIAA posts the pre-season bulletin. This year, the items are repeats from last year. Below you’ll find the direct links to the files on PIAA’s site. You do not need a PIAA login to access these items. Main … Read More »

Meeting #2 – Quiz Questions

22 Feb

GPLOA 2021 Meeting 1 quiz 1                            Topics: Game Management, Game Administration, Pre Game responsibility After the opening faceoff, officials notice the clock has not started.  B1’s penalty time expires just after the faceoff whistle has blown, B1 enters the field … Read More »

Interp Meeting

8 Feb

Couldn’t make it? Had tech issues? No worries. You can attend the PIAA Interp Online. For FREE. They will post their link on Feb 12. It is free until March 12. They track the attendance. No muss, no fuss. https://www.piaa.org/account/certificates.aspxLogin … Read More »

US Lacrosse Membership

19 Dec

GPLOA Members are required to have an active USL membership for officials. PIAA dropped insurance, your USL Membership gets that gap covered. For 2021, our clinic materials will leverage materials provided by USL. Officials have a different membership schedule – … Read More »

Training Class – Details Coming Soon!!!!

24 Nov

GPLOA is looking forward to a 2021 season. We are going to run an Adult Cadet Training Class. We are looking at safe methods, and figuring out how to make it very effective. Stay tuned…Watch This Space…Check-in Later. We will … Read More »

Celebrating 60

18 Oct

This snapshot is from a quick celebration for Bruce Hoffman.