MCAD Middle School Rules (Keith Valley, etc)

Montgomery County Athletic Directors Boys Lacrosse Rules 2014

Abington Junior High  –  Colonial Middle School  –  Keith Valley Middle School  –  Sandy Run Middle School  –  Wissahickon Middle School – Springfield Township Middle School

The MCAD will use the 2014 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules with the following exceptions:

Time Factors:

·         Games will be four 10-minute running time quarters for 8th grade games and four 10-minute running time quarters for 7th grade games.  If the score differential is two goals or less in the last 2 minutes of the game, the clock will go to stop time.

·         Halftime will be 5 minutes; between-period time is 2 minutes.

·         Game clock and penalty clocks will be kept at the table, if there is no clock at the table, then the officials will keep both game and penalty time on the field.


·         20-second defensive clearing count and 10-second offensive box count will be used at all levels.  The goalie is subject to the standard 4 second count with possession in the crease.

·         The team with the lead must “keep it in” in the last 2 minutes of the game.


·         All players are required to be properly equipped, including the goalkeeper who is required to have a chest protector, throat protector, arm pads and an athletic supporter w/cup. All players must wear proper mouthpieces.


·         Substitution horns are allowed when ball goes out of bounds on a sideline; no substitution horns on endline out-of-bounds.

Time Outs:

·         Each team is allowed one time out per half.

·         Game and Penalty time stops on Time Outs.


·         All penalties will be running time. Goalies will serve any penalties they incur.

·         Penalty time starts on the whistle restarting play after the player enters the penalty box.

·         Penalty time stops during time outs.

Tie Game

·         If the score is tied after regulation play, one (1) 4-minute “Sudden Victory” overtime period will be played, otherwise the game ends in a tie.

·         There are no time outs in overtime.

Mercy Rule

·         At any time during a game, if one team is ahead by 4 goals or more, after a goal is scored, there will be no face off.  The team that is trailing will get the ball at mid-field (unless they decline and want a face-off). There will be face-offs to start all periods regardless of the score.

NOTE: Schools with single teams are Abington and Springfield. All other teams have two teams and will play double-headers (7th grade game first; 8th grade game last)> Fees are $45 for single games; $40 per game for double-headers.