General Inquiry:

The Greater Philadelphia Lacrosse Officials Association (GPLOA) was created to promote knowledge and further training for lacrosse officiating in the greater Philadelphia area.

GPLOA has four main goals:

  •          To provide game officials for the sport of boys’ and men’s lacrosse
  •          To train and educate persons for officiating the sport of boys’ and men’s lacrosse
  •          To provide a forum to instruct and educate players, coaches, parents
  •          To promote the growth and development of the sport of lacrosse

GPLOA members officiate PIAA, Inter AC, SEPYLA and CCLA lacrosse games in Philadelphia and the suburbs of Philadelphia. GPLOA Members are independent contractors. The GPLOA executive board is comprised of lacrosse officials who have been elected by the membership through annual elections.

President: Dan Ferry
Vice-President: Gary Mitchell
Treasurer: Paul Kubach
Rules Interpreter: Jason McGhin
Secretary: Todd Bosco
At-Large (4 positions): Dan Miles, Andrew D’Addona, Luke Hogan, Jr., Jim Barraclough

Our Assignors:
Suburban One: Chase Howse
Catholic League, Philly Public League, Interac: Paul Kubach
SEPYLA: Dan Ferry