Irish Skirmish – 2021 Rules

21 Apr

The Skirmish is back! Here’s the rule set – this link is to the file: Skirmish Rules

TOURNAMENT RULES (subject to change) as of 04/19/2021

No Pets Permitted – There are no exceptions, other than certified seeing-eye dogs. Grilling & Alcoholic Beverages are not Permitted

Clean up – Each team should clear the field as quickly as possible at the conclusion of the game and clean-up its team area on the sideline of all trash or debris.

Weather – Due to weather conditions, we reserve the right to shorten games and/or cancel games if conditions warrant for safety, or in order to finish the tournament.

Time Keeping – All games are controlled from a central game clock and not on the
field. Penalty time will be kept on the field by the Referees. Penalty time is stop/start and not running time. ALL games WILL start and end on time and each round of games begin and end at the same time. Each game is 2 running clock 20 minute halves, with a 5 minute half-time, and 5 minutes between games. The timekeeper will indicate verbally over the public address system and a central horn will blow when 2 minutes remains for each half and game

Any team not on the field and ready to play within 20 seconds after the horn will be penalized for delay of game and Officials will likewise enforce standard 20 second rules for each faceoff. All games must end on the central horn. It is essential that teams get off the field immediately following the conclusion of their game so the next game can begin. When game is finished, leave the bench area QUICKLY with all of your trash and gear.

Competition Levels – The tournament is designed to create a competitive, safe and fun experience for teams in each division. The tournament is open to travel, select and recreational teams. Do your best to select the most appropriate division for your
team. Select and All-Star teams have to register for the A Division. If your team plays competitively in the top level of a travel league (SEPYLA, PAGLA, CCLA, etc.), register for the A Division.

All Boys and Girls Teams will play in one of the following grade-based
divisions: 3rd/4th; 5th/6th; 7th/8th. These divisions will have the following levels based on information provided during registration:

Division Boys


3rd-4th A & B A/B

5th-6th A, B & C A/B

7th-8th A, B & C A/B

Scoring – Game Officials will record the score for each game and will report final scores to both Head Coaches at the same time at the end of the Game. Referees will submit game results slip to CBAA Game/Area administrator. The CBAA Game/Area administrator will report the score to the Tournament Operations Tent. Scores will then be entered into Tourney Machine online. Scores at the Tournament Operations Tent are final.

Winning teams will be awarded 2 points and ties will result in 1 point. Championship Game tie breakers to be determined. .

Tournament Results – The tournament will follow a hybrid of Pool and Bracket play. The Pools will be set by the Directors for rounds 1-3 (as necessary) based on the number of teams in the Pool, with Champion determined based on the Tie Breaker rules below. Some Divisions will be a combination of Pool play and Bracket play based upon the number of teams entered using the same Tie Breaker guidelines. Full bracket play enables winners to play winners and losers to play losers in a playoff format using the same Tie Breaker rules below. A minimum of 3 games will be played by all teams unless teams do not show up in which case we will attempt to get your team a 3rd game that may or may not be out of the bracket or pool format and may or may not be considered exhibition or pool play.

Tie Breakers within Pools and Divisions – Record, Head To Head, Goals Allowed, Goal Differential, & Goals Scored, in that order.

Player Eligibility – Participation is determined by academic grade level. No team can have any Player whose current grade level is greater than the designated grade level for which the team has entered the tournament. No high school students allowed. We cannot police rosters so participation is on the honor system. Any team found to be in violation, during or after the tournament, will forfeit all games and that team’s Head Coach will be prohibited from future participation in the Irish Skirmish. No Player may compete or be rostered on more than one team.

Behavior – Fighting will not be tolerated!! Any Player who STARTS a fight or RETALIATES will immediately be ejected from the game and tournament. Taunting, profanity, or disrespect shown to Players, Coaches, Spectators, Officials or Tournament Staff will not be tolerated from Players, Coaches or Spectators. Disciplinary action is at the discretion of the Officials or Tournament Staff including ejection from a game tournament or property all together. Penalty time assessed is per NFHS and US Lacrosse rules.

Time Outs – Each team will have one 30 second timeout a game but game clock continues. No timeouts in final 2 minutes of the game. Regular delay of game penalties will be accessed if a team is not ready for play when Officials have the field ready.

Mercy Rule – If a team is trailing by 5 or more goals the trailing team can elect to take the ball at midfield for face-offs. There shall be a faceoff to start the second half.

Alternate Possession – The team who traveled furthest will have the game’s first AP. Additional Boys Division Rules
The tournament rules shall be US Lacrosse, modified by SEPYLA, and modified here.

Equipment – All US Lacrosse / SEPYLA rules are in effect and coaches certify that all their players are properly equipped by rule by having a player appear on the
field. Check your players’ equipment BEFORE you take the field. Mouthpiece violations will be enforced. Officials cannot permit improperly equipped players to participate.

Stick Checks – Normal NFHS rules apply except coach requested stick checks can only occur before the end of the first half. Officials can perform full or partial (pocket depth only) checks any time they wish.

Penalties – Penalized player (except goalie) must serve their penalties. If an In-Home is needed the Official shall designate the offensive player to serve and likewise a defenseman to serve for a goalie. The coaches need not designate In-Home players.

Substitutions – Regular 20 second substitutions are permitted for faceoffs &
penalties. Grades 7/8 substitutions are on the fly with no horns permitted. Grades 3/4 & 5/6 substitutions permitted on sideline dead balls if requested by coaches.

Advancement Rules, Stalling, and Over & Back Rules – 4 second crease clear rule will be enforced at all levels, 20 second midfield clear, 10 second offensive box advancement, Over & Back, and under 2 minute “Keep It In” rules will be enforced for 5th/6th and 7/8th grade divisions Only


  • One handed stick checks shall be penalized as slashes at all levels in 5/6 Grade & 3/4 Grade Divisions.
  • The US Lacrosse 2018 “no brush” rule shall be enforced per US Lacrosse rules.
  • US Lacrosse rules enforced for no contact (interference, etc) more than 3 yards (not 5)
  • NO “take-out” checks, checks of a defenseless player or checks resulting from a run of greater than 3 strides are permitted.
  • No Body Checking is permitted in the 3rd/4th Grade Division

In addition to all stick checking, body checking, and contact fouls being enforced per current US Lacrosse Rules, the Irish Skirmish Tournament, while competitive, places a premium on player safety. Coaches are requested to coach their players appropriately for this tournament and not question “safety calls” that are often called differently, and more leniently, in other tournaments and leagues.

Checks Involving the Neck/Head – PENALTY: Two or three minute non-releasable foul, at the official’s discretion, for violations. An excessively violent violation of this rule may result in an ejection foul for flagrant misconduct.

Additional Girls’ Division Rules

Girls competition shall be governed by US Lacrosse Youth Rules which can be found at Girls-Youth-Rulebook.pdf

Checking – Modified checking, that is, checking when the entire stick of the ball carrier is below the shoulder is permitted. Any contact to another player’s body with a horizontal stick is an automatic penalty. Any check to the head or intentional push from behind with the stick is an automatic yellow card. The Player with the infraction (yellow card) must serve a 2 minute penalty without a substitution except that 3⁄4 teams may substitute for the player with a yellow card. Offending team must keep track of the penalty minutes. If the same Player receives two yellow cards she will be ejected from the game and the team plays short a player for the duration of the game.