Meeting #2 – Quiz Questions

22 Feb

GPLOA 2021 Meeting 1 quiz 1

                           Topics: Game Management, Game Administration, Pre Game responsibility

  1. After the opening faceoff, officials notice the clock has not started.
  1.  B1’s penalty time expires just after the faceoff whistle has blown, B1 enters the field before possession is called.
  1. B1 is in the penalty area serving (a) a 1 minute personal foul or (b) a one minute, non releasable personal foul. After 30 seconds of play, official timer tells B1 to return to the game.  A1 scores a goal.
  1.  B1 is in penalty area for 1 minute.  After 30 secs of play, B1 is released from the penalty area by the official timer or goes into the game without being released and B2 scores a goal.  Following the faceoff after the goal, Team A protests to the officials.

5)  During the opening possession of the game,  Team A has won the faceoff and has settled the      ball behind the goal at X.  Team B’s coach walks down the sideline to Goal line extended to argue to the Lead Official that Team A moved early on the wing prior to whistle on the faceoff.