Interp Meeting

8 Feb

Couldn’t make it? Had tech issues?

No worries. You can attend the PIAA Interp Online. For FREE. They will post their link on Feb 12. It is free until March 12. They track the attendance. No muss, no fuss.
Login to PIAA
Select Boys Lacrosse
Confirm the name and email show you, hit Continue
Watch the recording, Change the Confirmation to Yes
Continue and Get Certificate
Done: They track attendance

Thank you for attending GPLOA’s 2021 PIAA Rules Interpretation meeting.  If you weren’t able to attend, be sure to check PIAA’s site for the Feb 12 to Mar 12 recording to get credit. 

Here are the various links that were discussed during the call.

1)      Rules video

2)      PIAA Supplemental DQ under ‘News and Announcements’ Dated 9/22/2020

3)      PIAA Supplemental DQ PowerPoint presentation

4)      Preseason Bulletin

5)      Chapter Meeting Guide – PIAA rules interp slides and officials training material

Pdf version

Google Slides version

The meeting guide contains multiple presentations on various topics for officiating boys lacrosse.  The goal is to create consistency in rules enforcement throughout the state.  The most up to date presentations are in Google Slides, so any changes that are made will be available to you immediately using the links.  Coaches are welcome to view the links to see how officials are being trained. Please note: Any videos used are for educational purposes ONLY, and are in no way intended to embarrass or demean any official or association.  Let’s use the videos to help us improve and promote a safe and fair game every time we step on the field.

6)      Preseason Bulletin

If you missed the GPLOA interp meeting, the PIAA will provide their own recording on starting February 12th.  It will be available, for free, until March 12th.  Also the KLOA rules interp is Feb 24 @ 7pm via Zoom.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or text/call me at 484.238.6123. 

Best of luck this year.

Jason McGhin

GPLOA Rules Interpreter