PIAA Notice: Changes for 2016-2017 Season

4 Aug

PIAA Notice:  Changes for 2016-2017 Season

I just wanted to share a few points as we begin the 2016-2017 PIAA sport seasons.

•The PIAA Board of Directors recently passed a change to meeting attendance for officials. Officials can now get credit for three (3) meetings prior to the first play date but can only get credit for one (1) meeting per day.

  •  The first play dates for 2016-2017 are:
    ◾Fall sports – September 2nd
    ◾Winter sports – December 9th
    ◾Spring sports – March 24th

•Officials will now be able to see how many meetings they have attended by going to the account center. ◦o The number of meetings attended will be marked, not the location of those attended meetings.
◦o The number of meetings attended will change when attendance is updated by chapter secretaries. Timely attendance updating is necessary for accurate records.

•Retirement forms must be submitted for those officials retiring in order to avoid a suspension letter automatically being sent to them.

•Finally, the 22nd Annual PIAA Officials’ Convention is being held this weekend and I wanted to make sure that everyone attending is aware of a session which is being put on by Deb Rosenberger and Cathy Good of the Officials’ Department. Deb and Cathy will be presenting on how to maneuver the PIAA website. This session is primarily designed for chapter secretaries but any interested official may attend. They will cover attendance entry and review, rosters, and many other items pertinent to the administration of your chapter. Please encourage chapter members who are attending the convention to consider attending this 1:00 pm session on Saturday.

Thanks for all you do for your chapter, its officials, and PIAA.


Pat Gebhart